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 # Employability -- Need of the hour

Employability is the ability to enthrall EMPLOYERS with indisputable capabilities to optimize personal development and job growth. ~~Terence Chiew

 Management grads most employable, while Engineers witnessing a dip in Employability Score. 

~~2020 Skill Report by Wheebox, CII India partner, PeopleStrong-Knowledge Partner​​~~

Even after lots of effort India Employability rate has reached 46.21 % overall in 2020.


Only 49% of Engineering Grads are employable.

Only 54 % of MBA Grads are employable.

MCA students' employability has gone down drastically which is just 25%.

India Skill Report-2020 by Wheebox

We at SGC strongly believe that every student should be Job Ready after finishing their studies. We have vision to create Youth with proper soft skills and Technical skills according to stream and aptitude. We wish to enhance the livelihood of underprivileged youth too to make them skilled and job-ready.

Top 3 Skills Employers look out for are shown in the below chart

India Skill Report-2020 by Wheebox~~~ 

Communication plays a vital role in the hiring process and it includes many things which students and early professionals need to learn before they apply for a job or for a better position. 



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