SGC Team comprises two IIM-C classmates who want to empower each and every individual to provide them sustainable Livelihood.

Savita Srivastava: Founder & CEO

An IIM-C Alumnus (MDP), An Engineer, An Education enthusiast, A seasoned professional with 10+ years' strong corporate experience. She strongly believes that every individual has the right to acquire effective education and right skills as per aptitude. Highly motivated to serve the people and to enhance their LIVELIHOOD. She founded SGC in the year 2018 with the vision to create a sustainable impact on Education & Employability for every student at the college campus,  underprivileged children, early professionals & Women. Her detailed profile can be visited at

Let's  LEARN & GROW together.............

Satish Dadi: Co-Founder

An IIM-C Alumnus (MDP) with around 14 years' experience in various corporate companies. An innovation thought leader with passion towards empowering students with required skills to enhance them to sustain in corporate world and to make them successful.Satish cares for underprivileged children, early professionals and Women.

Skilling to ALL is the need of the Hour............

2019 ,, Contact Us: +919100932495 / 9848918369

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